How to Cancel Alfred Premium


We are sorry to see you leave, but just in case you don’t like Alfred Premium for any reason, here is how to cancel the subscription:




While you’re at it, would you please tell us why Alfred Premium isn’t working well enough for you? We would really appreciate your feedback!

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When it works fine. Lately the second camera facing door is always plugged in but and it will not load I even try to use my 4g data and nothing. Yes sometimes I can hear what is happening in th background, but I need to see. Nighttime it never ever works until daytime??? I tried done.


I purchased the one year HD just a week or so ago. However, I am not finding it much better because the refresh every 4-5 seconds makes it blurry again as well as night time reverts back to low definition which is when I need the HD the most.

I would appreciate a refund and thus go to 5 stars for how good Alfred is and the customer support!!

Thank you,
Rich Lang


Hey @drichlang,

Thank you so much for reaching out! I just sent you an email. Could you check that and get back to me? Thanks in advance!


I bought the premium edition, but the quality isnt’ Better at all? If it isnt’ Better than the version that is not premium, then i would like a refund. How do i get a refund?


Hi @cyggedk,

Thank you for reaching out!

Would you mind sending me a link to an Event recorded after you upgraded to Alfred Premium so I can take a look and try to figure out why it’s not working as well as you expected? You can either private message me here or email me at sunny @

Talk soon!


Good product. I was trying it out to compare to others. I may be back.


Paid for premium. Still ads, still no HD. Program is updated. Waste of money.


Hi @kalinbookkeper,

Thank you for reaching out!

Please know that we take this very seriously: it shouldn’t have happened!

Would you be able to show me a screenshot of the receipt so I can look into it for you?

Look forward to your reply!




Hi @bentzmingerb,

Thank you for reaching out to Alfred!

Alfred requires TWO devices, one set as Camera and the other Viewer. You have to log in on both devices with the SAME Gmail account. Please watch a short tutorial and let us know if you have more questions:

If you still want to cancel Alfred Premium, please follow the links in the original post to cancel.

Hope this helps!