How to aim camera for best motion capture


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Hey @hsw1334,

Thank you so much for joining us at Alfred Center!

Alfred automatically adjusts focus. Do you have any issues with the videos being fuzzy?


Was just curious about the focus point. Tried all different angles.i tend to get 20 to 80 captures with no notifications. The light or tree limb shadows coming through windows sets it off. If i set any lower to avoid this i get nothing. To avoid this is there a certain distance Alfred senses like high 180° view 10 meters out.etc.Videos perfect i ended up sticking it outside under my camper and caught a still shot of a neighbor stealing my tools .


Hey @hsw1334,

Did you enable notification?

Alfred’s Motion Detection works by detecting differences between one frame and the next, so shadow or light changes could definitely set it off. You can experiment setting Alfred up in different locations to see if things improve.

Glad to hear Alfred helped you catch your tool thief!