How secure is Alfred? If im using a public WiFi can others see my videos or live feed?

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Do you mean if you are viewing from your device using public WiFi or if you are streaming from your camera device using a public WiFi ?

Either actually. Both my camera and viewer phones are connected to his personal WiFi. He gave me the code to use his WiFi anytime. I know he can see what I’ve been browsing online and even media that I share across his WiFi with someone else. But can he see what im seeing on my Alfred account? Either my live feed or my recordings?

No, no he cannot but if you are relying on other people’s WiFi then you should really consider a VPN.

Ok i will. Do you recommend one over the others and what type of info can he see?

Please do your research for VPNs there’s plenty of information and offers around just use a well known one with good reviews in your country.