How people can change phone number to Google Account

Google give facility to change phone number to any time. Here are steps to change phone number to Google account such as:-

1- Open your google account

2- Click on google account

3- Then go for personal info

4- Here click on phone number tab

5- After click on phone number, you will get details of your previous number which you want to changes

6- No add your current number

7- Click on save changes button
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It is very often a situation when people want to change their number in Google for different reasons. I changed my google number too and it wasn’t so hard. To be honest, I often meet the same numbers in my life, for example, do you know about the 7777 meaning? I even received the messages from the admins of this forum with the 7007 code. And the Google I not an exception.

Thank you for sharing this information. This may be useful to me.


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thanks for sharing :relaxed: