How much does a security system cost?

A security system doesn’t have to cost anything! Nowadays, there are apps that can transform unused smartphones into a security system, like Alfred (Android or iOS)! Alfred works anytime, anywhere as long as your devices are connected to the Internet (it can be WiFi, 3G, 4G, office network…). Alfred supports an unlimited number of devices. Simply download Alfred ( Android or iOS) to your devices, log in to the same Gmail account, set them as Camera or Viewer, and you are all set! Alfred is equipped with essential security system features, including Motion Detection, notification, and Night Vision. You can monitor from the Webviewer as well.

Build your FREE home security system by downloading Alfred:


Can I put all 3 cameras on 1 screen on my computer

Yes you can put more than one camera per screen i have 4
the payed version is what i currently have

This statement is not true. The old device had an initial price, just because it’s a spare phone doesn’t make it free. Alfreds reliance is totally on an internet connection which costs money making it another not free statement dampener and if you want to utilize the full potential of your device like the amazing camera resolution that’s available of course you have to subscribe.
You also say it’s easy " no wiring " but it still requires power the same as a wireless IP camera.

Free ?

Now that is just a bit nit picky… True, the phones cost money WHEN they were NEW and you used them as a PHONE. They are just laying around now so no… does not cost to then utilize that old device as a repurposed cam… 0 cost on camera for system (versus hundreds if not thousands to have an ACTUAL system put in).
The Internet DOES cost yes BUT… I pay $70 a month for 100+ mbps and HAVE been paying for years, well before I even knew about Alfred and I would STILL be paying it (seeing how that is my sole source of entertainment. I havent had TV for over 7 years… not like we order broadband internet just to use old phones as cameras!) If I bought and had installed an actual security system so, point negated there as well.
And now the wiring… REALLY!!! A power cord!!! Did you call it “wiring” when you used it to simply recharge your phone when it was a phone?!
And the cost… $30 whole dollars a YEAR!!! And, you dont even HAVE to do that. The free low res version would work JUST fine. How much is monitoring from a company that sells actual systems!!!
Dont be an Alfred bully…

I didn’t want it to be bullying just a little perspective. I have IP cameras, I didn’t put them up straight away so when I got them out of the draw to use them I guess they were free ? Actually just 15 of the Queen’s finest sterling pounds. They only require a power cord so that’s no wiring involved and they connect to my server and my Android app over my internet which I already pay for so that’s free as well. So to sum it all up full HD, unlimited recording time with motion or 24/7, HD infrared night vision, and no ads. All for free also.
Just perspective, kind regards.

Oh and you can watch live streaming with more than one viewer and still have motion detection recording, two way Comms and Pan tilt. With no wiring.

My server is an old desktop which wasn’t being used so that’s free also, with Free DVR software for free. I use my Google cloud storage for free.
I also charge my phone at work so that’s free also and this is what Free infrared night vision looks like.

All good if you have the basic to moderate tech know how to do that. MOST people here are here because they can hardly use a cell phone as a phone and feel accomplished when they master basic functions of their TV remote. I know… I worked 2 years as a top teir tech rep in a DirecTv Call center… the non-thinkers out there are ASTOUNDING!!! I am here because the service works well, $30 a year is piss cheap and I have enough quality old phones around.

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I love the idea that an ex TV tech gave up the TV. Much respect to you Sir. I gave mine up 20 plus year ago.


Okay I have just done a little more research and your S7 can fetch £130 2nd hand that’s the same price as a two camera wireless IP system with dedicated DVR which will give you a proper security camera system. I have always said that what Alfred offers which is worth purchasing is the secure cloud storage. The whole App should be free with bells and whistles then you would know the full potential of the App on your device. Then if all works well then you upgrade for the storage. After all you pay for and own your device your internet and are expected to do all the dirty work like setting it up, fault finding and minimal wiring. Just pay for what you don’t own, the secure cloud storage.