How do I use multiple cameras?


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Which device has the problem? Viewer or Camera
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Hi @aleasha428,

Thanks for reaching out!

Alfred supports an unlimited number of devices, so you can have as many Cameras as you want! Just download Alfred, log in with the SAME Gmail, and set the devices as Camera (or Viewer).

You can even monitor live feed from multiple Cameras with Alfred’s WebViewer!

Hope this helps!


Can I watch multiple camera feeds on a tablet ?


Hey @mrmwakefielduk,

Thank you for reaching out!

For the moment, that is not possible yet. You can only monitor multiple Cameras with Alfred’s WebViewer.

Hope this helps!


1st I apologize up front if I’m doing this wrong. I have a ‘Maven 2’ phone; 1 as a camera and 1 as my viewer. They were my 1st part of my home system. I have since added a ‘Samsung Galaxy’ as a 2nd camera. The cameras are under two different Gmails. My question is: can I put them both under the one I started off with? (Owner of this camera name/Gmail) Don’t know if need this information. Please txt down for THIS electronic/computer technology dumDum!! Thank you for your assistance. Charlz


Hey @lecebecharlz4816,

Thank you so much for reaching out!

Yes, you can (and probably should) put the second Camera on the same email as well!

Here is how:

Get your Samsung Galaxy, tap on the three dots on the bottom right of the screen, select “Account,” and Alfred will ask if you want to log out. Choose yes, and you will go to the login page. Just log in with the same Gmail you put your first two devices on and you are gold!

Please let me know if this helps! This will make monitoring the two cameras so much easier for you :slight_smile:


계정 연결로 하나의 갤럭시는 뜨지만 또 하나의 갤럭시는 뜨지 않습니다… 뷰 전환도 다 해봤어요…


“You can only monitor multiple Cameras with Alfred’s WebViewer.”

We can monitor multiple cameras at the same time using the WebViewer? If so, is it possible to get instructions on how to do this? Or do you mean using multiple Firefox/Chrome windows for each camera? So far, I’ve only noticed the option to watch one live view of one camera at a time, and can swap between cameras with the thumbnails at

Still getting the freezing issues using this live view on the WebViewer also.


Hey @podein252002,

Thank you for reaching out!

It’s actually really easy to monitor multiple Cameras at the same time. Please check this out:

Regarding the WebViewer freezing issue, sadly I still don’t have much to go on. Does this happen on your Viewer Phone as well?


Hi @vkadl0425,

Thank you for joining us at Alfred Center!

Do you still have this problem? Could it be a dead battery, for example?

Please let me know if the problem has persisted so I can look into it!


Model no
Qualcomm msm8926
Android version 4.
Software version 2.050sp