How do i silence the bell/chime and vibration from sounding everytime a recording begins and ends?



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  2. App version (You can find it on the About page):4.16.2012

  3. Which device has the problem (Viewer or Camera name):all of them

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    How do i silence the bell/chime and stop the vibrations for everytime i hit the record or stop? That dang chime and vibration sound so loudly and could tell an intruder where I’m hiding in an emergency situation. Even if i have all vibration off everywhere on my phone it still vibrates and chimes. I just find it unnecessary to have it chime and vibrate at the end of each recording. I can count to 30 in my head i don’t need a notification everytime or at all telling me 30 seconds of recording is over. Its just not necessary for me anyway.


Top right click bell or disable in settings.


Please decrease or mute the “Media Volume” of your Viewer phone so that you won’t hear the chimes again!


Ha ha ha your funny. I did that already. It turns off the sound for my recording which i still need to be able to hear so thats not a solution plus it doesn’t stop the vibration. I need both notifications off while still being able to listen to my live feed while recording. Is this possible to accomplish on this app if not it really should be


Have you tried disabling the notification in settings/Apps ?


Yes did not work either. I’ll just assume its not possible with any Samsung galaxy phones or tablets new or old. I sure do hate that ding and vibration. I just wish i could simply listen to the audio while viewing the video with out constantly having to hear that damn ding chime whatever at the end of every single one or the vibrate. So annoying and ive even silenced every notification and vibration everywhere on my phone just incase that has anything to do with it but it doesnt. The only damn thing that seems to use vibration on my phone without permission is this app. Rrrr.