How do I set up the camera?



First of all, dig up an older smartphone that you no longer use on a daily basis and download Alfred. Launch Alfred and choose “Camera” when you are asked. Log in with your Gmail.

Tip: Keep Alfred running on your Camera Unit without pressing the Power key or the Home key.

Next up, take out the smartphone that you use and download Alfred. Set it as “Viewer” and log in with the same Gmail account. You should be able to see the image on your Camera Unit. Alternatively, please open Alfred’s Webviewer in Firefox, Chrome, or Safari.

Now, find a good spot for your Camera Unit and you are all set!

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¿Cómo configuro la cámara?

En primer lugar, desentierre un smartphone antiguo que ya no utilice a diario y descargue Alfred. Ponga en marcha Alfred y elija la opción “cámara” cuando se le pida. Inicie sesión con su cuenta de Gmail.

Consejo: mantenga Alfred funcionando en su teléfono con cámara sin necesidad de pulsar la tecla de encendido o la tecla de inicio..

El siguiente paso, saque el teléfono inteligente que utiliza y descargue Alfred. Establézcalo como “Reproductor” e inicie sesión con la misma cuenta de Gmail. Debe poder ver la imagen en su teléfono con cámara. Alternativamente, puede abrir el reproductor web de Alfred en Firefox/Chrome/Safari.

¡Ahora, encuentre un buen lugar para su teléfono con cámara y ya está todo!

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Español configurar

Wie richte ich die Kamera ein?

Laden Sie Alfred auf zwei Geräte herunter (oder ein Gerät, wenn Sie den Web-Viewer verwenden möchten) und loggen Sie sich in das gleiche Gmail-Konto ein. Das ist alles!

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在不用的舊手機上下載阿福管家,開啟後設定為相機端,並且用Gmail 登入。

小秘訣:[不要按下 電源鍵Home鍵 ] (Why am I advised not to press the power key or home key?) 相機端才能正常運作。

接下來,在平常使用的手機上下載阿福管家,設定為監控端並且使用相同的 Gmail 帳號登入。這樣就可以看到相機端的影像了!您也可以用火狐/Chrome/Safari 打開 阿福管家的網頁監控版.


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Como eu configuro a câmera?

Baixe o Alfred nos dois dispositivos (ou em um dispositivo se você deseja utilizar o Webviewer), entre com a mesma conta do Gmail e você está pronto!

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카메라는 어떻게 설치하나요?

첫째, 잘 사용하지 않는 묵은 스마트폰에 알프레드를 다운로드 하세요. 알프레드를 실행하시고 문구가 나타나면 "카메라"를 선택하세요. Gmail로 로그인 하세요.

팁: 당신의 카메라 폰에 알프레드가 계속 작동하도록 두시고, 전원 키나 홈 키를 누르지 마세요..

다음으로, 당신이 사용하시는 스마트 폰에 알프레드를 다운로드하세요. "뷰어"로 설정하시고 동일한 Gmail계정으로 로그인 하세요. 당신의 카메라폰에 이미지를 보실 수 있을겁니다. 혹은, 파이어폭스에서 알프레드 웹뷰어(를 여세요.

자, 좋은 자리를 잡으시면 모든 준비는 끝!

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Как настроить камеру?

Скачайте Alfred на два устройства (или одно, если планируете использовать Webviewer), войдите в идентичную учетную запись Gmail, и у вас все настроено!

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My old LG POWER 22C was running the TracFone Op. Sys. until it and my phone number was transferred to an unlocked Samsung S5 using a pkg. supplied by TracFone with the necessary SIM card. The LG POWER is a CDMA NOT a SMART PHONE. It has a camera. Will the Alfred system work with this phone?




ADDENDUM to my first question: It is a LG POWER L22C running ANDROID which may make it a SMART PHONE. I would like to use it as a STAND-ALONE with motion detection and record to internal memory with a WiFi connection to my DELL LATITUDE D630 running WIN10 Professional. Is all of this possible with ALFRED?


Hi @billledger28,

Thank you for reaching out to Alfred!

Does the LG phone have Google Play Store? Have you tried to run other Android apps on it? The fastest way might be checking if you can download Alfred and go from there.

However, Alfred cannot record to internal memory. All the recordings are temporarily stored on Alfred’s cloud instead. Please find out more here:

Hope it helps!


I have 7007 prablem and i not near the camer.whte to do?


Hi @dudualfasi14,

Thank you for reaching out!

You might have to get someone to make sure your Camera is plugged in, powered up, and connected to bring it back online.

Sorry for the inconvenience!