How do I get device notifications like battery push notifications?


I have notifications for all my cameras turned on in the app and settings but don’t have the device notifications option described in your FAQ. I’d like to be notified of device events like battery dying, camera going offline, etc. All the cameras have the latest version of the app on iPhone 4 phones. Screenshots:

Which device has the problem? Viewer
Device Model Name: 6+
OS Version: 11.3
AppVersion: 1.10.9



Thank you for reaching out to Alfred!

Please check the link below to set the battery notification:

Offline notification is something we may develop in the future. For the moment please run a quick camera heath check periodically to see whether the connection/power supply can be improved.

Hope it helps!


Hi - thanks - I read the link to set battery notification, but as I mentioned, I don’t have the options listed there even though I would like to have them. “Device Events” does not exist for me - screenshots: The health check is great but it’s normal until it the camera drops. image


Yeah, I didn’t think so…