How do I build a trust circle?



Why Build a Trust Circle? Trust Circle is designed for friends, family, or even neighbors to lend a helpful, watchful eye. Adding people to the Trust Circle rather than giving them your Gmail login protects your privacy. You might want them to have access to your Camera Unit, but not necessarily to your calendar, email, and so on. Here is how:

1) Tap on the wheel of the Camera you want to share:

2) Tap on Trust Circle:

3) Choose Add Account:

4) Type in the Gmail address and you are done!

The person you add to your Trust Circle will receive an email telling them how Alfred works!

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為什麼要建立信任圈呢?信任圈讓您的親朋好友或甚至是鄰居幫您注意家中動態。將他人加入信任圈而非直接給他們您的Gmail 帳號密碼能確保您的隱私無虞。您想讓他們看得到相機端,但是不一定想讓他們看到您的行事曆或電子郵件。


1) 按下相機左上方的齒輪:

2) 按下 信任圈

**3)**選擇 新增帳戶:

4) 輸入 Gmail 地址 就大功告成!


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