How can i take pictures?

I would like to recive 1 or 2 pictures a day from my cameraphone. Thats because i dont want to pay for mobiledata on my cabin in the mountains here in Norway

Hi Jon. You can not set Alfred to send a snapshot. I’m not sure if this option is available with any other App. How much is it for mobile data there and is it reliable up there in the mountains ? Here in UK unlimited mobile data is available for about £20 a month.

Thank you for your answer. I will pay 50pound for 30 GB pr month. And i dont know how much the Alfred camer will use. Is 30GB enough?

Ouch. The best options I can advise is put Alfred somewhere that he can see no movement like laying on a table or cabinet. If the worst happens and some sticky finger slimeball enters your property then a mobile phone will be eye candy for them so as soon as they pick it up Alfred will detect movement and inform you… The other option is to buy a proper IP camera for £20 and set it to send you snapshots every hour or whatever you want. To supply an IP camera with WiFi you could just use a mobile device with WiFi sharing or a mini mobile router which would be more reliable.

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OK. Thank you very much!!!