How can I put on partners phone with out them know ing

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@stilllooking4.1922 NO. Please review the terms and conditions.
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Hi @stilllooking4.1922,

Thank you for reaching out to Alfred!

It is not possible to hide the icon or the fact that Alfred is running on the device. Such design is explicitly prohibited by Google Play Store and App Store.


Actually there is a way…
You need must download the Alfred app on your partners device, log in with the Google account you will be using, then also download a BLOCK RUNNING BACKGROUND APP, set up & log into that app, apply it to Alfred, & boom! Your partner won’t see the “Alfred camera running” at the top of their screen…
But wait, there’s more…
Install an APP HIDER/LOCKER as well, set up, log in, & apply it to Alfred, & violá, now your partner will never even see the app, not even in “recent”… & If you enabled the “NO ICON” plug in the won’t even see the app in the play store or anywhere else…
Hang on, I ain’t done yet lol…
Now that you have gone through all this trouble to keep Alfred hidden on your partners device there is one more thing I would suggest… If you used their Google account or they have access to yours & that’s the one you used to set up Alfred… … … Go into Gmail & delete the emails that show account set up so they don’t read the emails & then go looking for the Alfred app!!!

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Which will last till they go to use the camera and the phone informs them that it is currently unavailable because it is being used by another app. And all the clips you receive are of an empty pocket or the inside of a purse, nice if you like to see what lipstick they are carrying, besides that’s one place a man should ever go :open_mouth::sunglasses::thinking: ,
Anyhows just when you get to an interesting clip your victim tries to use their phone to record their mischievous act and realises that they cannot use the camera because it is in use by another app
Ouch,. So they aren’t bright victims so they ignore the warning bells that the phone is misbehaving and carry on in their pursuit of misdoings after the phone has died from battery exhaustion with all that going on in the background. Not saying it’s not doable but maybe just not feasible.


If you have those suspicions, the relationship is probably over, anyway. Why not just come right out and ask? Why get down in the gutter with them?


Because human nature is to get facts, proof research, and revenge… Lol just kidding sort of … Let live and let live. If someone wants to do that then whatever, someday somebody they spy on will maybe think it’s hot and be turned on, or maybe they go to jail.


Thanks for the info. Now this app is getting interesting

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What about the block running background app and app hide app? Won’t they see those in their play store and background running? Also if I did do this whole thing. How would I delete it if I decided I was done checking up on them if there are no icons to uninstall these 3 apps?


I reckon ya have him no… cause I would of and now I will thanks to you x

This violates Federal Wiretap laws.