Home Security Tips

The grand majority of us have to admit that gone are the days when everyone knew everyone else in the neighborhood. With the dwindling power of community, security measure has become necessary to ensure safety. To prevent break-in, home security system and video surveillance are absolute must-haves.

Do you have to spend big bucks on home security products? Not necessarily! DIY home security is a real possibility nowadays. Alfred for example, is your best option when you take the cost of home security system into consideration. It is also by far the easiest system to install. As long as you have an old smartphone or two sitting around and Internet connection, you can watch live feed as well as getting push notifications on your phone when motion is detected at home!

Why is Alfred the best safety measure you can take to protect your residence? Simply put, whether you live in a house, apartment, or condo, you can install hidden home security cameras with Alfred. You can set Alfred up to watch your backyard, sidewalk, garage, or basically anywhere you wish to monitor. When Alfred detects motion, you will receive a home security video on your phone to remind you to take a look. The two-way talk feature enables you to communicate with the other end. You can also add family and friends to your Trust Circle so that they can keep a watchful eye as well!

What should you do? It’s simple! Download Alfred to two or more phones, sign in with the same Gmail account, and get ready to be amazed! We’ve been told countless times that Alfred is the best home security system. Why don’t you give it a go and let us know what you think?


5 Must-Know Facts about Burglaries

According to statistics, burglaries happen every 15 seconds in the United States. That’s right, every 15 seconds! Maybe you have had first-hand experience with burglary, or maybe you know somebody who does. Either way, knowing more about how they happen can go a long way towards helping you keep your home safe!

  1. Only 60 percent of burglars have to forcefully enter the premise. The rest get a free pass through unlocked doors, windows, or doors/windows that can easily be unlocked. Remember this next time you are too lazy to lock the door because you think you’d only be gone for 5 minutes!

  2. 33 percent of burglars actually waltz into the victim’s home through the front door. Fitting a sturdy door and lock as well as installing a motion sensor and motion lighting make effective prevention measures.

  3. 25 percent of burglars cut telephone or alarm wires before moving in. A wireless security system such as Alfred is your best bet!

  4. An average burglary costs the victim 2,185 dollars. It is not uncommon for the same home to be broken into twice, as the burglars are already familiar with the layout of the house and where the valuables are kept. Security solutions often cost a lot less. Some, like Alfred, are even free!

  5. Only about 13 percent of burglaries are solved. You’d have a much better chance with video evidence. Alfred for example, has Motion Detection-triggered recording that could nail the burglars without them even knowing it.

Knowing your enemy is the first step to diffusing a potentially dangerous situation. Download Alfred to two devices, sign in with your Gmail account, and offer your loved ones a sense of security right now!