[Home Security Tips] What to Do After Home Invasion



As cautious as we try to be, we never have full control over what life might bring. If your house is ever broken into/burgled, here are the 5 vital steps to take after B&E.

1) Call the Police

Calling the police is without a doubt your number 1 priority after a break-in. Whether you were physically present or not as the event unfolded, calling the police the first chance you get is the right thing to do. If you weren’t home, this ensures you don’t put yourself in harm’s way or accidentally destroy evidence.

2) Gather Evidence

If you have a home security camera, or if you turned your old phones into security cameras with Alfred (available on both Android and iOS), all the better! Even if the devices are stolen, if the Passcode Lock is enabled, the thieves can’t access your account. Any footage that was captured will still be available.

Follow these tips here to make sure your account stays safe. If any footage can be submitted as evidence, don’t forget to save it!

3) Contact Your Insurance Company

Check what was taken, make a list, and contact your insurance company. Home invasion is usually covered by insurance. Getting at least some of the money will be helpful.

4) Clean Up

Don’t think of the home invasion as one isolated incident that won’t repeat itself. The truth is thieves do come back. Cleaning up and erasing all traces of the burglary (repair a broken window, for example) is absolutely essential.

5) Reach Out

Being a victim of home invasion is an unsettling experience. Make sure you process your emotions as well as tending to the family. In the meantime, let your neighbors know what happened. Even if the burglars do not go back to your house, they definitely might try someone else in the same neighborhood/building. Keeping a watchful eye on the neighborhood makes it safer for everyone!

6) Reinforce Home Security

We have plenty of tips here!

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