[Home Security Tips] My house was broken into. What do I do?

2 things you need to do after a break-in

First thing first, call the police. You do not want to enter the house on your own because it is hard to tell if the robbers are still around, and that could be very dangerous. Figure out what has been taken and file a police report. If your house is insured against theft, notify the insurance company as soon as possible.

Second of all, clean up and repair as soon as you can. If a window or door is broken, you don’t want to leave it like that. Statistics shows that burglary tends to happen to the same place. This could be because the burglars already know the layout of your house, or because the broken windows/doors make it more vulnerable.

2 things you need to do after a break-in

Reinforcing security measures is vital for preventing it from happening again. When burglary happens, your sense of security as well as your bank account takes a hit. Installing a security system, particularly one like Alfred (Android or iOS) that detects movement and notifies you immediately, could go a long way in making sure it never happens again!

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