[Home Security Tips] How to Secure Your Home When You Are a Renter

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Statistics indicates that renters are 85% more likely to experience a home burglary than homeowners. The reason is simple: the home security measures renters can take are limited. While there are restrictions, it is entirely possible to secure your home even when you rent!

Walk Around

First thing first: people matter. Walk around in the neighborhood and ask around before you sign the lease. Make sure your landlord is legit, helpful, and easy to communicate with. Talk to people who live in the area to get a little feedback. Reach out to your neighbors after you have moved in: it never hurts to have a friendly pair of eyes on your house or someone who can sign for parcels when you are not around!

How to Secure Your Home When You Are a Renter
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Get a Home Security System

Second of all, get a home security system. Before you start visualizing all the wires and tools, let us tell you it doesn’t have to be the case! Did you know you can make your old smartphones work hard guarding your house by downloading a free app called Alfred? Alfred transforms unused smartphones into home security cameras, and it is so easy to set up. Simply download Alfred to the devices, log in with the same Gmail, and set the devices as Viewer or Camera accordingly. You’re all set! Alfred’s Motion Detection feature records video clips and sends your phone push notifications as soon as movement is detected. You can also add friends or family to the Trust Circle so that they can help keep an eye on your property as well! No wires, no tools, no fuss!

How to Secure Your Home When You Are a Renter

Get Renter’s Insurance

Last but not least, get renter’s insurance. Most renter’s insurance covers not only damage caused to the property but also the content of the place. In the worst case scenario, you would want to know you are insured instead of having to shell out money for whatever was taken!

These are easy measures you can take to protect yourselves. Stay safe, renters!


Build your FREE home security system by downloading Alfred:


One issue that I’m sure other renters have to deal with (especially in the case of low-income or subsidized multifamily housing) is that landlords/property managers often make a point of writing into your lease certain clauses that prohibit you from affixing anything to any part of the exterior of your apartment rental, with consequences intentionally spelled out to include the termination of your lease and your eviction from your residence.
In my case, my property management company’s on-site community management know from experience that I am educated as to what the landlord-tenant laws are for my location, what rights I have that cannot be annulled despite their clever legal contrivances, and that I will stand up for and exercise those rights.

I wonder: what role can Alfred play in helping renters whose situation is much more prohibitively restricted deal with explaining the legitimacy of using mobile devices with alfred to help with security?


@gryanharrelson very elegantly phrased. In this respect I’m sure that from within the property a securely placed Alfred camera device facing the entrance points while not seeing any undesirables trying to gain entry at least it will capture any persons that do. Perhaps a couple of well placed Alfred sign’s will encourage them to look elsewhere. Regards

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