Help asap it keeps saying camera off line why? Uuugghhhhh


I need help I have two phones connected and one keeps saying the one that’s supposed to be s camera is saying that the camera is off line why is that and it’s doing it in the other phone I have it on two help please


Activa nuevamente el wifi en ambos equipos.


Hi @mcgauleyanthony17,

Thanks for reaching out to Alfred!

You see your camera offline 7007 when your Camera has been powered down, disconnected, logged out, or simply crashed. Please run a quick Camera Health Check to see if the power supply/connection can be improved:

Also, please avoid pressing home button or power key after you set up Camera. Instead, you can tap the Lock icon on the bottom right corner. What’s more, please try Guided Access to ensure your Camera not deter by other application. You can see how here:

Hope it helps!