Health check question



What does the gap in the power and WiFi level mean?


Temporal anomalies … check for tachyon residue and call Dr Who. :grin:


@smileychic1010 looks like Alfred wasn’t receiving the information to register for a myriad of reasons but I’m sure that your WiFi line should be more stable !

Funny but not helpful as there are no lithium crystals available and it’s already wired up like a Christmas tree.


I have no idea.
But I’d think how well your WiFi is working concerned for the connection.
Does that work for you


Reverse sonic screwdriver polarity perhaps… :wink:

In all cerialness, Ive seen the same thing when Ive taken cams offline to adjust the phone. Note that there is a drop in battery % indicating that the unit has been “off” the mains.

Question the Cat in residence immediately. & dont take Neoow for an answer !


Disconnected Temporarily during the drop.


Just noticed it’s an iPhone, that should answer all your questions.