HD video choppy slow



Hi Alfred! Love the app! Though when I subscribed to get HD, the HD videos are slow and choppy. Maybe it’s my old phones that I’m using. But I figured that I could download them and speed them up with a video editing software. So I spent the afternoon yesterday downloading all 38 onto my pc, using your instructions for Chrome and Firefox, and when I try to play them on my pc, they don’t play at all. It looks like all the frames are there because I can use the slider to access different frames of the video, but the frames do not forward or play automatically.

The videos I am referring to are all saved in my moments.

Any ideas what I can do to get them to play?


Hi @scopieg,

Thank you for reaching out to Alfred!

I can’t seem to find an active Camera associated with your account for the moment. Were the videos recored a couple of months ago? Did you have an Alfred Premium subscription at that point? Would you mind sending me a link to one of these Events so I can take a look? You can either send me a direct message here or email it to support@my-alfred.com.

I’ll be able to help you out better with a little more info!


Sometimes when the video is not so compatible with the player, it will has the choppy issue. You may try other powerful players such as VLC, KMPlayer.
Or alternatively you can try to convert our video to another universal format such as MP4 to try again. If you don’t know which convert to use either, you can try the drm converter for windows, it supports to convert both iTunes m4v movies and non drm movies MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI, IM and so on.