HD Upgrade Has anyone tried it?


Has anyone got feedback on the HD upgrade being offered?


Hey @bluecloud.pierre,

Thanks for reaching out! You can take a look here:

I’m tagging @eldavar and @093wwww as well because they have been experimenting with Alfred Premium!


Access these links to see the step up from Low Res to HD.
Low resolution sample:
https://alfred.camera/tv/VkO2zc3Tb20 (This is a cached link from Alfred.)
HD sample:
https://alfred.camera/tv/41nVxP6A-A (This is a cached link from Alfred.)
The simple fact with the HD upgrade is, seeing in detail further away in distance is only truely possible with this upgrade. The HD Res upgrade is functional for a frame that has an open field in it, like my cottage garden with mountains in the background, while Low Res is okay for close distance surveillance (although level of detail could be crucial there too).


What do you mean by HD upgrade ? You’re making it sound like this is a new option. The only thing I see is you can disable forced low-resolution


Hi Steven

If you tap on the “UPGRADE” button at the top of the Camera List, you’ll be taken to the page introducing Alfred HD. Would you give it a try?


No because they are now charging £3.99 a month for it


Hi what kind of phone are you using and I’m pretty sure it depends on megapixels also correct?


I would try it, but seems it’s greatly limited by the devices camera? And lighting?


Hey @stevensfamilycameras,

Thanks for reaching out!

Unless your Camera devices are really ancient, you should be good to go! Good lighting always helps, but in any case you should be able to see a huge difference.

Hope this helps! Do let us know if you decide to upgrade!


I use 4 different phones as Cameras
1.LG Lucid 5mp
HD upgrade was a vast improvement over the previous blurry quality
2.Samsung Continuum 5mp
Decent improvement with video quality.
3. Samsung Fascinate 5mp
Decent improvement with video quality.
4. Samsung Galaxy S3 8mp
Little improvement of video quality.

In my opinion;
For vast improvement or even little improvement
$3.99 a month for 4 cameras or unlimited amount of cameras is a decent deal and well worth it.


I noticed 0 difference between free and HD. If anything i think the video quality got worse. Definitely a far cry from HD. VGA is better stream. Not my internet because i stream HD to youtube no problem.


It seem like the HD upgrade was really good at first. But appears to have diminished over time . I pay for it every month but the resolution does not seem what it once was initially


Yes, the upgrade is more than worth it the picture is so much clearer


Hi @stevensfamilycameras,

Thank you for reaching out!

We changed absolutely nothing about the resolution. Would you be able to send us a couple of links from now/the past so we can take a look and try to figure out what happened?

Thanks in advance!


Yeah already did, you said it was hd, I’m saying its not


Hi @stevensfamilycameras,

Thank you for the reply.

Please understand that Alfred is an app that is limited by the hardware. The resolution Alfred Premium provides is the best we can do for the moment. Rest assured we are continuously trying to make Alfred better!


Don’t understand. In your last reply you said ‘Unless your Camera devices are really ancient, you should be good to go!’

In this post you say ‘Please understand that Alfred is an app that is limited by the hardware’.

A bit contradictory! I used to use Perch before it was deprecated and I got FAR better quality from the same hardware. That is a Sony z4 and Samsung s8+. I’m not happy at all and feel like it’s been a waste of money.


I have been pretty happy since.


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Agree.Absolutely worth it !!