HD effect has gone


Hi Sunny,
I just updated Alfred and my HD effect has gone. Every update is a surprise.What should I do now ?
Thank you.


I have to tell you also that only what I did (and as you know I almost always regret doing that) did the update. I already cleared cache ,all data and even uninstalled in all three devices and the viewing still blurring. I paid 1 month test,how can i rely paying a year ou forever ?
The motion detection notification was hit in the last 4 updates. I didn’t tell because I was afraid that other function could be damaged. Now that we have 2 problems,and I’m paying HD and not viewing HD,worth the risk.
Alfred see motion but when it wants ,it shows the notification and saved video.
I can pass in front of camera and it doesn’t do anything sometimes. In the past,when nothing happened ,I used to open saved video and the notification used to come back for a while again. Now,or it’s working or it’s dead. Works when it wants. I’m getting angry with t


Sunny,help me please.


Hi @henriquecamreduc,

Thank you for reaching out!

From what I can see, the upgrade has been properly applied to your account. Would you be able to send me some links to Events (preferably pre- and post- the update) so that I can better understand what you mean?

Keep me posted!


I couldn’t use the upload resource from this forum,so I posted on drive.



These 3 pictures are:
The one that has a black cat is before the update,without the cat after the update.
The third picture,shows the play icon from de motion detection that came back to a bigger size. Before update this play icon was smaller than this in the picture.
The screen is blurred like im not premium.
Thank you,


Hi @henriquecamreduc,

Thank you for reaching out.

The one with a black cat is actually already Alfred Premium. If it is not, there would be a banner ad above it.

We have been modifying Alfred’s notifications. The free/Premium versions actually get the same notifications. It is simply a difference in design.

The resolution of the thumbnail you see in the notification has been adjusted. It is indeed less sharp than the video itself. However, if you tap on it to play the video, you will see that the video is clearer.

I really hope this helps. Your HD is not gone. If you compare the Events now with the ones from before, the difference should be quite visible.

Hope this helps.


Thank you for your support. But that’s not true. I saw the before and after just after the update.
What is not helping you to see clearly that HD is gone is the sunshine effect. You can see through the tree branches in the ground very close to Alfred and by the tree on the top of the photos . Compare both items and you’ll see.
I count with you on that.Do you remember that case of poor connection ? Everyone there, was against me ,until one of engineers to find the problem. This case is going to be like that. I’m pretty sure that in that cam the HD effect vanished turned blurred like free version. I was intended to paid forever year by year,but how can I rely ?
I count on you.
Kind regards


I have news to help. The camera device that has 1456 version is working the HD view,and the camera with 1458 got the HD view killed. 1456 version operates great ,1458 has the problem.


Hi @henriquecamreduc,

Thank you for reaching back out!

We will take a closer look at this problem, but it might take some time as we need more info.

I’ll keep you posted!


Thank you very very much.


Both android 4 have not HD view anymore. I have 3 devices ,only one works. The one with Android 6.
Both are Samsung pocket. One is pocket and the other is pocket Neo.


Hi @henriquecamreduc,

This is really strange. Would you mind showing me a couple more Event links so I can figure out what’s going on?


Can I send you and email and do you can or don’t mind to give me you whatszap number ? Through it, everything is easier than making files,uploading on drive,after that getting the link etc.
I send you an email and you send me you number WhatsApp. What do you say ? I’m always giving reports and improving Alfred with you.


Hi @henriquecamreduc,

Thank you for the reply.

I prefer to keep the communication public because this might be helpful for the team as well as other users.


My screen shows up blurry at night and connectivity is terrible


Hi @bob307ross,

Thank you for joining us at Alfred Center!

Alfred’s Low-Light Filter definitely still needs a little light to function. Would you please check out our optimization tips here to see if they help?

Keep me posted!