Hallo, wie kann Ich eine andere Verbindung hinzufügen


Ich möchte eine frei gegebene Camera aus der Verwandschaft anschauen. Wo und wie kann ich das einstweilen?


@helga.mueller.41.hm gutten tag. If you mean you have been added to the trust circle you just need to download the Alfred App and sign in with the account that has been added to the trust circle. You can view the camera device with limited interaction. Regards


@helga.mueller.41.hm you can add as many camera devices and viewer devices as you wish. They just all need to be logged in to the same Gmail account or shared with others to view by adding the guest viewer to your trust circle. Regards


Hallo Helga,

To give friends or family access to your Camera Phone, you need to build a Trust Circle. Please follow the instructions here:

Hope it helps!



my wife has a @googlemail.com account and did not received the confirmation mail you are refering too. Is the trust circel only available for @gmail.com accounts?



@sandro.cb70 yes it has to be a Gmail account.


found out that if you have an @googlemail.com account you can also use the same before the @ with the ending @gmail.com. then it works. Looked like that google is aligning all long word endings to the short ending. So yes, it is also working with a @googlemail accoount by this workareound.


@sandro.cb70 thanks for that information.