Green screen when turning flashlight

I have a Oneplus One as camera device. Everything works perfect but, if a turn on the flashlight, the streamming video shows multiple horizontal green bars and makes the picture worthless. It’s a pity because the room it’s all dark and I can’t see anything without the flash.

Device Model Name: Oneplus One
OS Version: Android 8.1
AppVersion: Last

Hi Agustín,

Thanks for reporting the issue!

Could you please try one thing for us? Go to the built-in Camera app of this device (Oneplus One), and turn on the flashlight to see if the image also turns green.

If the built-in Camera works fine, please reinstall Alfred and reboot the device.

Keep us posted if you find out anything!

At the moment I can’t do that because I’m not at home, but the next week I will do that and post the results.

Thx for the quick response and happy holidays!

Sure, Agustín. You are welcome to contact us at any time!

We hope you to enjoy the vacation, too! :slight_smile:

Hello Ricardo, I’ve done with your tasks. The built-in Camera works perfect. I’ve installed and rebooted the camera device but nothing changed. The green bars still there.

Happy new year btw!

Hey Agustín,

Thank you for reaching out back! Did you have a goodtime during the new year vacation?

We are sorry that the issue persists. Please launch Google on PC > log in to your account > choose My Account > Sign-in & Security > App with account access > Tap on Manage Apps > find Alfred, and choose REMOVE ACCESS.
※After disconnecting the app from google account, you will be asked to give permissions when you launch Alfred again.

We hope this helps solve the issue. You can also try to “clear the cache” on both of your devices.

Keep us posted if you find out anything!

Hi! I tried everythibg you said but the problem persist.
But I can add some recent info: the video shows fine in the camera device, but wrong in any client (I tried with a computer too) so maybe something is wrong with the encoding?

Hey Agustín,

We are sorry but our engineering could not identify the issue yet. It seems that the framebuffer on this device is not working at all.

For now, please prevent turning on the flashlight on this Camera when you are using Alfred. If you want to record a video in a low light area, you might have to use another Camera phone as an alternative.

Sorry for the inconvenience. We will let us know if we have further findings on this issue. Feel free to contact us at any time if you have other question/feedback.