Great for shops


I use Alfred in my stores for times when customers are abusive to my staff or lie about what staff has said to them, as soon as I point out the CCTV cameras everywhere and tell them audio is recorded as well(thanks Alfred) they tend to back down or leave, the latter being preferable as no one deserves to get abuse for something that isn’t their fault, Alfred has given my staff the confidence to know that they are backed up 100%


You rely on Alfred in your shop ? Really ? Don’t be a cheap skate you can get a proper IP security camera recording 24/7 to a local drive for less than the price of a couple of 2nd hand devices.
I use Alfred but I’m not reliant on him to protect my store staff or property. I use Alfred to see who is coming and going from my front door and if he fails or crashes or doesn’t record nO big problem but if persons were relying on me to offer them some sort of protection I would choose another method.


You really should read that properly before leaving a douche bag reply, ok so to clarify for dumb people, all my stores have lorex 16 camera systems covering every inch of the shops I use Alfred for the audio basically I have a mobile phone on the counter so I can get a perfect picture and sound of scum bags probably much like yourself complaining for no apparent reason.


I was thinking same thing, he’s usually got something douchey to say. I dub him Sir Douche, lol.


Yeah I have just had a very quick look on his profile picked two random posts, guess what both posts were money oriented first complaining to Alfred about the price of a sticker, the next telling people about a free windows based CCTV system, yet I’m cheap with my combined £5k+ worth of CCTV systems that I own oh and I paid for premium after about five minutes of using Alfred as I can see the value of the system yet keyboard warrior troll is a free user. :thinking:



Says it all really :rofl:


I said the same thing after reading alot of his post, spends alot of time trashing Alfred and promoting IP cams and software, belittles peoples ideas and comments, Snake charmer. I’ve made mention of it, Alfred support seems to think its tolerable and alright. Majority of his posts have bad taste. But I digress… Glad to hear you enjoy Alfred. Cheers Brother…


I hate feeding trolls and don’t usually do it,I made an exception in his case as he is the exact sort of person that will break something then go and shout at a member of staff in the shop he bought it from claiming to know his rights and he’s been miss sold an item not fit for purpose :roll_eyes: if you don’t own a shop or work in retail you don’t know what I’m talking about :grin: he’s that bloke(usually a Gary for some bizarre reason :thinking::joy:) that lives down the road that thinks he owns the road because he’s lived there longer than you. He owns a wife that he probably bought online in Thailand and thinks his life is great, what he doesn’t know is his wife gets serviced regularly from elsewhere and is only there to take his money, everyone else just thinks he’s a cu…douche


I use to not feed into it, but like you just mentioned above and gets to the point where you and I got and it gets under your skin. He’s a Rebel without a Clue with nothing better to do.





Sorry I misunderstood your your original post. I am very happy for you paying £5k plus for your CCTV system which you need to back up with Alfred. I will try not troll your post again.


@Lecram really ? Retarded ? I don’t mind being accused of being retired or a rebel with out a clue but accusing me of being retarded could be offensive to people who are actually with that disability. I think you should apologize to them.


I’m glad to hear it, I would also like to recommend you read then re read a post just to make sure before you answer, my staff are my business at the end of the day they are having to deal with the front line, I use IP cameras along with the main lorex systems we use however the IP cameras are lacking in quality, the software is fine but it’s propriety to the hardware which fails, Alfred covers that flaw. I would recommend your answers in future follow the line of “do you use Alfred as the main system or do you have something else in place?” Instead of seemingly attacking from the off, this is not a normal reaction to take in a face to face discussion and shouldn’t be the norm because it’s online! I accept the apology in the manner it’s offered and wish you good luck with future dealings with people, honestly reflect calm down then answer, if you have nothing good to say don’t say it, you will feel better for it instead of taking a ton of retaliatory abuse!


Thanks for the reply. I shall bare your advice in mind.


@Lecram Sir once again, Really no apologies for the remark just an EDIT ?
I hope you are embarrassed, I guess you are because you tried to hide the evidence.



I rest my case, you have proven your an IDIOT. Case made. No takesy backsies. Only you would post such a title, I was being polite, not hiding anything. You gotta be the oldest, childish, ignorant, demeanng, selfish prick, No apology necessary…

And bad enough your a TROLL,better yet, you even look like one in your profile pic. Go pound sand… No apology necessary…


I don’t care about your reply, your a Drama Queen…Seriously quit while your ahead.


I use edit to correct grammar and the occasional misspelled words. If I make a comment that a member finds to harsh I revaluate my post and apologize or reaffirm as necessary. I do not try to hide it and bury my head in the sand.
The title is humour if you had a sense of one you would realise that.
Just to put you at ease I am not offending by your name calling so you can rest easy that my old childish feelings are not hurt.
I hope you have a nice day and find some peace in your life as you sound like you have issues my friend.
As always Regards.


@ricardo thanks for tolerating me on your forum but are you really going to let this thread run.
I just mentioned that as a shop owner I thought that only using Alfred App was a cheap move. I didn’t know nor could I establish from the original post that he had invested £5k on a CCTV system that apparently doesn’t work that well. Then have to receive a torrent of abuse from your sidekick which I did warn you about privately and which your response remains private.
Are there any actual moderators here ?