Great for Dash Cam!


Hey Everyone, I am a long haul truck driver. I have started using Alfred as my dash cam, mounted to my windshield! I simply love it, much easier to view than my other dash cam . I will be notified if someone is around or messing with my truck even if I’m inside the truck stop eating!

Neat Ideas

That’s amazing… obviously you have data to the phone… I was just thinking with all of the free wifi at hotels this is a good idea!


Actually one does have data, but the 2nd one is using the hotspot of the1st one.


@missouriman22 you have got two Alfred camera’s running whilst you are driving ? That must throw up a billion clips ? Another option is an app called CamOnRoad. I recommend it. Or if you want to save cloud style just use a live media broadcast App that saves the whole stream,. Obviously these don’t notify you so Alfred is best for when you are away. Regards.


@pinkylee020 I said same thing to myself “man he’s got a billion clips on it then!” LOL I’m gonna try that one u mentioned on my ride soon tho…


If you want a true Dash Cam App, get this 1, “Auto Gaurd Pro” i got have myself and its awesome! Even has speedo and stuff’ Try it out @missouriman22 … You’ll love it… but Alfred wouldn’t cut it for driving, trust me on this…