Great App for using old phone for security cam. Not perfect but pretty dam good


Like to say to those who are doubting the app or may not get the “INSTANT” results they are after playing with the app for 30 seconds. You have to give the app a chance or play with it for more then 3 min to find things within the app or get them connected or worked out.
At first I thought the app did not work or the camera and viewing phone screen were not connected or working. I had to wait and try a few times for it all to connect and for me to view the camera phone with the 2nd viewing cell phone. It all works and at times can be a bit slow or even clunky to respond but that is due to what I believe to be Gmail or the wifi router and other 2nd party hardware and software issues outside of the apps control. It is not the apps fault if one of the phones is slow or chocked with issues like a over loaded android full of apps and not a enough ram or memory in the phone. You can’t expect a old android that is on its last legs full of spyware and crap on it to then work super fast using this app.
I used my iPhone 5s as a camera and a iPhone 7 as the screen viewer and it works great. If you are a IOS user iPhone user and want to download and save the video from the Alfred website which gets deleted after 7 days you currently can not do this. You can only download and save via a Android phone. So the way you can save the video or to download the video is to have a friend with a Android phone download and then save you the video file for you to keep. The only online cloud video file only stay on the Alfred web cloud for 7 days unless you pay for the premium version of the app. SO be sure to save you videos of important security events.

 Update: since using the app I enjoy it a lot yet I will say it has its often hiccups and small issues here and there. Nothing serious just small things like connections issues and having to relaunch the app. I also like to know to the App builders that whats they deal with the video storage on the Alfred website or cloud not being deleted after you delete them? I have deleted files on the Alfred cloud seen them deleted to only come back a day later and still find the videos I deleted still on the Aflred website or cloud. Also when I check the Memories  or notifications I can not get to the recent motion alerted videos just recorded. I have to happen to have the app closed on the viewing phone and relaunch the app after clicking on my IOS notification link on my iPhone. If I open the app directly I can not find the new recents motion alert recorded video even though its there.. I have to wait till I get another notification and click on that notification to open the app on its own and then I can see the motion alert recorded video. Totally strange.


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