Grant full control to other user



How can I grant full control of the camera to other user? I had to share and sync my email account to my wife in her mobile. I shared camera access through the settings, by email, but she never received an email from Alfred…


Hi Miguel,

You can add your wife to your Trust Circle. That way, he/she can log in with his/her own Gmail.

Please find out how here:

If your wife still can’t see the Camera on her phone, please

  1. Go to Google Hangouts:

  2. Add the Gmail Account of your wife to your contacts, and make sure you have accepted each other to be friends on both sides. The issue should be fixed afterward.

You may wonder why this would help. We use Google Hangouts to build a connection (just like adding someone to your FB friend list), so you can share videos with people within the same trust circle. We are not able to look through your messages, and our team is looking for another mechanism so that we don’t have to rely on this service in the future. Your privacy and information security are always our top priorities.

Let us know if you need further assistance.