Got a Roommate from Hell? Alfred Can Help!



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It’s quite an experience to leave home and go to college. The dorm life is probably the first taste of independence (one may even say freedom) for many people. While it could be a lot of fun, you don’t necessarily have control over who you live with. So what if you get a roommate from hell? What if someone “borrows” your food or your hairdryer without your consent? A user left a hilarious comment to let us know how Alfred has been helping her deal with that.

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Amazing! I set my old phone up because I thought someone had been in my room and I was going out of town for a few days and on my way back my phone alerted me that there was motion detected and the microphone part is amazing when I went to view who was in my room, I held down the microphone and scared the craps out of them...priceless I tell ya...only thing that could make this better would be to have a record app I have ever downloaded and totally free...what heck year...thanks to who ever developed this.
See how well it works? Rather than having to get all huffy and puffy after the fact, your roommate from hell will know that Alfred is keeping an eye on everything and learn better than to break into your room. You might even get a good laugh or two out of the process. No more worrying that someone is going to steal what you had in mind for dinner!

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Wish I had Alfred a couple years back. Had a “tenant/friend” that was paranoid schizophrenic that would sometimes trash the house and deny he did so when I came home. A little bit of Alfred could have avoided many arguments.