Google assistant peeping tom



Last night I paired my Alfred account to Google Assistant per suggested ad in app. I tested it and then shut it down for the night.
This morning as I sat down to my coffee and paper I get an alert from Alfred.
So I opened the app only to find that the Google Assistant did not turn off motion detection as directed and had been recording me (in my glory!!!) For quite some time this morning!
Fast forward to tonight and Alfred has asked 2x if I wish to turn on motion detection as I’m leaving home.
Now I’m starting to get a little creeped out, is it Google,
is it Alfred, or have they become partners in crime in the ages old stalkers game?!?!?!
Which device has the problem? Viewer or Camera. BOTH
Device Model Name: Alcatel & viewer is ZTE Max Pro
OS Version: both Androids
AppVersion: idk

PLEASE Advise what to do.


that’s a creepy story. Haha. But not really funny actually. I wish to hear more of your post. I also have a few events they were very creepy to me it look like there is a ghost in the window there was only 2 in tall looking at me. I wasn’t on anything haha. But I did see it through my night vision thing. I wonder if this thing can pick up ghosts


I was thinking of connecting my Amazon Alexa to them both.
Now, I’m not so sure!


I know one thing, when I downloaded the beta chrome it worked a lot better. I am not now a beta tester which gives me all the HD and latest upgrade but not all of them. What do you use to make Alfred so much better?



Welcome to Alfred Center!

Was the Camera online and enabled when you asked Google Assistant to disable Motion Detection? The setting will only be applied to the connected devices at the time.

Please make sure all devices are well connected and try again!

As for the Motion Detection Reminder, it could be that you were switching the internet on your Viewer phone. Alfred Reminds you to turn on your Motion Detection when you are leaving the same network of your Camera.

Your privacy and information security are our top priorities. Please rest assured that all your live feed and footage are transmitted directly from the Camera to the Viewer, protected by your Google account. You can check out the account activity through Google to see whether others log in to your Google account recently. Please see how here: