Google assistance en español

Hola. Me gustaría poder integrar Alfred Camera con Google assistance pero en español. Tienen intención de hacerlo? Saben fecha aproximada. Muchas gracias


Hi @mariano.delapena,

Thank you for reaching out to Alfred!

We are not able to give you a timetable at the moment. It is something we would like to offer in the future. Please stay tuned and continue to support Alfred!

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Hola, buenas tardes, alguna novedad al respecto?


¡Bienvenido a Alfred Center y gracias por preguntar!

We do look into the possibility of offering Google Assistant integration in other languages. We are still planning and we urgently need your help!

Would you like to join this program as a testing member?

We might create a group in the future and invite Superheroes who are willing to help Alfred speak their local language by reviewing our translation. Hopefully, Alfred can become a better and more user-friendly service. It would be awesome if you could be a part of us!


Alfred Team

si por supuesto me uno a efectuar las pruebas que sean necesarias. saludos

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alguna novedad sobre la posibilidad de integrar Alfred Camera con Google assitance en español?

Hola Mariano,

Related projects are still under discussion and planning. If you would, you can first translate the features on our Crowdin website:

  1. Please go to this link:

  2. Choose your language

  3. Find Web > Google Assistant

You will see a list of copies in English. You can suggest a Spanish translation and we will review it as soon as possible.

Thanks for the help!

Also, would you like to let us know why you want to use Google Assistant on Alfred?