Google ads screwing up security footage!


I wish google would stop putting up ad’s on veiwer it blocks the video makes it easy to Not get Alfred!



Thank you for your feedback!

We know that ads are annoying, but they have provided Alfred with a much-needed means for sustainable development. You can upgrade to Alfred Plus, which is a one-time payment that removes all ads permanently. Please read more about it here:

We are also looking into how to put ads in the right place to avoid deterring operations. If you find the ads in an inappropriate location, please feel free to take a screenshot and send it to us. We will improve the user interface as soon as possible. Thank you!


I will never upgrade this is a scam to force users to pay I’ll be looking for othey security means!


Do you think people are working for you for free ?
They need to pay bill also.


You offer something free then make unusable yup thats the way to win customers Do you think I’d pay for something then have you put ads on it to muck it up yeah right I’ll get right on it!