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Jan '18

Freaking AWESOME! Has me thinking about coming out of retirement and making a few more Benjimans!! Now I see why they have those kiosk to buy used cell phones…lol…if course you would have to build some type of box to camouflage and uniform the “cameras” to sell “systems” lol but good Lord…even buying used or older phones people would spend pennies compared to the 1000 and up they sell those multi cam home systems…Hey Al if you made an app to trigger a Bluetooth smoke alarm…and or have the home cam dial 911 or an Alfred monitoring service…I bet you could make a nifty profit with an app for companies that people could link with and have services like that…Let me know if and when. I could sell that service like Disney sells imagined princess’ to Little girls… Lol


Voice assistance integration.
High resolution.
Automatic HD intact.
Voice commands.
Night vision black flare depletion.


I must say way to go over the top with the Black Flare Depletion… +1 on top of my like already. lol


Thanks for the heads up and calling it a good idea.
That black flare makes it look like my dead relatives are in my place.