GHOST operator?

My camera is set up bc my ex likes to enter my house whenever he feels the desire even without me there. One day in particular he and his gf came by to drop of a battery he so graciously borrowed without my knowledge. I was home sick that day and while contemplating calling him to see when he was going to return the battery he called to tell me he left it on the hood of my car. Great! He never voluntarily returns things very quickly, but wait, why didnt Alfred notify me? I had already retrieved the battery when I realized i did get the notification so I went back through my recorded videos only to discover the battery appeared all by itself, as if not here then you blink and boom its there. I know my ex is pretty creative and talented in many ways, but sneakiness was never his strong suit. So tell me, for 15 min i had nothing record. So tell me, how did my camera get compromised?

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Welcome to Alfred. Alfred is an App that tries to make a security camera out of an old Android phone. The clue here is that it’s a phone not a security camera. Whilst Alfred works fairly well most of the time for most of the user’s it seems to fail just as often. Lucky you noticed this time. How many times has he had a sneaky nap which you have not noticed ?

I use Alfred to protect my loved ones they all I have

Alfred doesn’t protect your family, you protect your family

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