Getting 7012 error for the last three weeks


Am currently away from home. Two of my three cameras stopped working, one has now restarted but the other is claiming a 7012 error.

Any ideas how to fix it remotely?


Thanks for reporting the issue. You see 7012 when Alfred is running in the background on your Camera phone and the built-in camera might be in use by another app.

To solve this, you have to get physical access to your Camera phone and make sure Alfred is running on the screen.

Let us know if you need further assistance.

By the way, do you think the 7012 message is clear enough for you?

Thanks Ricardo, yes, I understand what it’s getting at - I’m just not sure I believe it as it worked perfectly fine for a few weeks first. Will see when I get back.

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Thanks for letting me know, Conor. Keep me posted if you find out anything!

This happened to me too tonight. Yet another fiasco.
Apparently there’s another app using the camera.
Go figure…

Anything else Alfred team?

When do you send the data crash to phones? Even worse.

After all, not all updates are seen.

Trust whithers.

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Same issue, no idea why happend. Nothing new was installed. Reset help just for a 2 days and issue came back. What to do?


Could you please go to your Camera phone and make sure Alfred is running onscreen?

We found that if Alfred is running in the background on the Camera phone, the Viewer tends to receive the error message you mentioned.

Same issue for me: error 7012 displayed on client app. The app worked fine for 2 days and now I can’t access the camera anymore.
Strange part is that camera health check is showing camera is accessible with battery full (it is always plugged in for this test), and very decent WiFi signal. Last time I had that issue, I just could access physically the camera phone without issue and found out Alfred app was still running.
It looks like the app is indeed put idle by the phone OS but it would not then be able to report anything, including health check. For my last run, I’ve used a much more recent phone in order to avoid “old” android version problem.
How could we trouble shoot further before I give away trying to recycle my previous phone (Samsung gt9505)
Thanks for your feedback

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Did you put Alfred to the background or press the home/power buttons after you set up the Camera?

As a camera I use old HTC Sense 3.0 which runs old android ver. 2.3.5 (I think I cannot update to a newer??). Always it was ok, but now I updated app for the “Camera” phone (HTC. before update it was working) and I am getting 7012 error now. I cannot see through “Viewer” or “Camera” phones. What should I do?

P.S. previous time I updated “Camera” phone a bit longer time then 4 months (maybe more, I dont remember that)

I tried restarting phone, but it did not help. Maybe same app opens and run camera on a same time? How can I check it?

Usually another App has priority over the camera even if it isn’t being used. just go to settings, Apps, permission, camera and deny everything except Alfred.

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