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Hello. I’ve used Alfred before just for a quick peek in on my house type of camera but now I need it to be able to go back and look at exactly what my two and 3 to are doing. Is there a way to make it a full time recording app as opposed to only 5 seconds or at least a way to adjust the amount of time it records for after detecting motion. As well as a way for it to keep recording till there is no more motion detected? Please this would be very helpful. Thank you.


Hi @nicksinview,

Thank you for reaching out to Alfred!

Alfred does not offer loop recording. Instead, Alfred offers Motion Detection that automatically captures video clips when movement is detected. Alfred’s Motion Detection algorithm determines how long the recording is depending on the movement. In order to keep you notified as soon as something happens, the recording is kept at a length between 5 and 30 seconds. If the movement continues, it will be broken into multiple clips.

You can manually record video clips when you are watching live feed as well:

Hope it helps!

you say that Alfred offers Motion Detection that automatically captures video clips when movement is detected, but I can´t find were to setup it.
The Motion Detection captures pictures only.
Were it´s the configuration for the Motion Detection video capture??
Thanks in advance.

Hi @jojasago,

Thank you for reaching out!

Please check out the link below to see how to set up Motion detection properly:

There are two reasons that might cause the Motion Detection captures pictures only:

  1. Your connection is not very stable.

What Alfred does when an Event is generated is uploading a snapshot first. In a few seconds, the video should follow. If the Internet is cut off before the video can be uploaded however, only the snapshot will be available.

  1. Your Camera Phone is running out of internal storage space.

Please free up some space to see if that fixes the problem.

Keep us posted!

Thanks for the answer
But I’m in a fast WiFi net , full signal
And my phone has more than 1GB free space.

That wasn’t the problem. :frowning:

Any other idea??

Thanks in advance

Hi @jojasago,

Thanks for reaching back!

We take a look at the logs. It seems your Camera Phones has turned off motion detection at the moment. Please follow the links here to turn on Motion Detection and try again to see whether you can find clips in your event book:

Keep us posted!

You are saying that Alfred gives full time recording but it has only recording between five to thirty seconds but I need a whole recording of night and I can not wake up whole night to see it live I need recording but it gives only a little seconds for recording

@3d3f7093fd4bd8fb66d1 Alfred can monitor 24/7 but only record’s when motion is detected, read the label, why would you want to watch or search through hours of footage where nothing happens ? Would be like watching Titanic over and over again :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:

I seem to be having an issue with this motion detection too. I keep having little bits of something recorded and the motion detection doesn’t see a person standing in the room if they walk into the room and stand in plain sight facing away from the camera doing something. The camera should recognize a person walking into frame and not stop recording until they have moved out of frame.

Hola solo me gustaria desirle quw antes me gustava mas porque no aparecía en el teléfono que se usa de cámara que se estava usando alfred

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