Froyo Android 2.2


Any chance your software will support Froyo Android 2.2? I have 2 camera phones that is currently not used. TQ


@choysc28.2. This is probably not going to happen because of security updates since Froyo. But with a little research, patience and luck depending on your device you might be able to load a custom ROMs that is more up to date.



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As long as a device runs Android 2.3 and up, you can turn it into an Alfred Camera! However, in our experience, devices running Android 4 and up work better. Please try to update Android on your phone and see if you can install Alfred from this link:

We also have some tips for scoring cheaper phones. Take a look and we hope it helps:

I would like to set up more Camera Phones. What devices would you recommend?"


I have an android 2.2 lg optimum v. How do i get alfred installed to use as camera? You say as long as its 2.3 but can i upgrade to that? I havent used this android phone much at all.


Lecrem what did you meant to post? I cant view it anymore.

I want to use this android 2.2 lg optimum v as a camera for alfred. The other thing is i did a factory restore of it and now… there is no play store at all.


Download and install, play store not necessary.

You will get a notification that Alfred will not work without Google Play Services, but it works fine without it. Just let Alfred bring you to the website login area instead of using Google services to login automatically

Under Blue box Icon to login using Google, there should be a link saying “Try this if it doesn’t work”, or something to that extent. If no link just click login with Google and you will still be redirected to a web browser login.