Frequently Asked Questions


Quick Fix

  1. Alfred says “One More Step!” What’s next?
  2. All about Connectivity Problems
  3. All about Motion Detection/Notifications
  4. I can’t seem to make the problems go away. Should I reinstall Alfred?
  5. I have problems with Alfred’s WebViewer. What should I do?

Setting up

  1. How can I make Alfred record videos automatically and notify me?
  2. Does my Camera Unit need to be connected to the internet?
  3. Why do I need a Gmail account?
  4. I see 3001/3004 and I can’t log in. What should I do?
  5. Can I have multiple Cameras under one account?

Watching Live Feed

  1. Can I see my Camera on a computer?
  2. How can I turn off the audio?
  3. It keeps asking me to wait for 20 seconds. What does that mean? (Status Code 1016)


  1. Can I manually change how long Alfred records the videos for?
  2. Can I delete videos from my phone?
  3. Can I save videos?
  4. Can I retrieve the deleted videos?

Security and Privacy

  1. Is Alfred secure?
  2. Why does Alfred need permission to certain information? Is my information safe with Alfred?

Common Features

  1. Can I manually record a clip?
  2. Can I turn my Camera on/off from the Viewer?
  3. Can I lock my Camera?
  4. How do I give family/friends access to my Camera?
  5. How do I use walkie-talkie?
  6. What if my Camera falls asleep?
  7. What features does Alfred offer on Android/iOS/WebViewer?

Paid Features

  1. What paid options does Alfred offer?
  2. What is Alfred Premium?
  3. Can I zoom in?
  4. I already paid but I didn’t get the upgrade.
  5. How can I cancel my subscription?

If you can’t find the answer to your question, please do not hesitate to run a search at Alfred Center, start a new thread, or reach out to us at!

Remote viewing connection
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All about Motion Detection/Notifications
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I have problems with Alfred's WebViewer. What should I do?
What paid options does Alfred offer?
Can I manually record a clip?
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I already paid but I didn't get the upgrade
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