Framerate reduction recently?


Update: I’ve restarted the phone, and upgraded the app and that seems to have resolved the issue, however it would be nice for the app to warn if the system is low on resources or if it is having trouble capturing video for performance reasons. Original post as follows:

I’ve been using Alfred for over a year now and am contemplating upgrading to premium to get HD and zoom, but recently I’ve noticed that the framerate of motion detected recordings has gone waaaay down. My clips used to look like they were real-time (sometimes with a bit of a jitter or stutter, but still fluid), and now they look like image slideshows showing about one frame per second. Is this a change alfred made to reduce storage space, or is it an issue unique to my setup in which case I’ll try to troubleshoot. If it is a decision on Alfred’s part, is video full motion for premium users and not free? I searched for a while and didn’t see anyone talking about this.



I use the free version but have not seen any reduction in frame rate lately. But I will be keeping an eye on it.