Focus & Zoom


Is There Away That We Can Zoom In And or Out When Watching Live F eed or Even While We Watch The Very Brief Recordings? If So May I Please Ask How But If There Isn’t That Option Will It Become Available? Also I’m Very Agoraphobia and I Also Have So Many New Fears That I’ve Never Had Before My Coma an Well ONE Of My Biggest Fears Is When The Sun Goes Down I Am Very Very Afraid Of The Dark an Night Time An I Use This App Because Of That Purpose So Another Question I Had Was If For Some Reason That I May Need A Neighbor or Our Security Guard To Do A Yard Check Due To Something That May MAKE ME MORE SCARED Due To Not Being Able To See Wte fully In The Camara is There A Function Like Button (not a panic button) that could be set up or added to the features



Thank you for joining us at Alfred Center!

For the moment, Alfred doesn’t have zoom yet. We definitely have plans to develop this feature tho!

If you ever need to see more clearly at night, please give Alfred’s Low-Light Filter a go:

I really hope this helps!