Fehlercode 1017- Verbindung klappt nur über wlan

Ich kann mit meinem Handy nur über das Haus eigene WLAN auf das Aufnahmegerät zugreifen.
Sobald ich unterwegs bin im mobilen Netzwerk erscheint der Fehlercode 1017, wenn ich versucht in den Einstellungen den Zugriff zu ändern.
Weiß jemand was ich machen kann?


Welcome to Alfred Center!

When you see 1017, it means either your Camera or your Viewer is not properly connected to the Internet. That’s why the setting changes can’t be applied.

You mentioned that 1017 only occurred when you switched to the mobile network. Your Viewer Phone might be somewhere with bad signal, or simply not connected at all.

We suggest you can wait a while to see if the problem persists or just try to connect to a different network (office network, free WiFi…)

Let me know if you need further assistance.

I Ricardo
I have good Signal. Also ist doesnt Work at free WiFi Hotspots. Only at my Home WLAN.
Maybe a Problem with my Xiaomi devices?
“This divice is offline 5016” comes now If try to get acces to ist.

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Cant Change it on mobile. ITS in Always deny.
Can only Change it If im in my WLAN.

Hallo? No Idea @ricardo