Feature Request: Allow Manual Recording for 2 Minutes instead of 30 Seconds


I continue to be impressed with Alfred. However, when watching Live, it would be nice to be able to record in 2 minutes segments instead of 30 second segments. For example, I manually recorded an event today using FIVE (5) 30-Second Segments. (2 Minutes 30 Seconds). Had we had the ability to do 2 minutes segments, I could have recorded ONE segment.

I am using the PREMIUM version.

Now, I have to “join” the videos together to distribute to the family.

I hope you would consider this request.


Louis James


@josefina_burbano I’m not sure what scenario you are recording to share with your family but I think if that’s something you do on a regular bases then perhaps a social media app would be more appropriate as you can broadcast as long as you like, share with as many people as you like with the recording or the live feed and record and watch the live feed simultaneously. And all in HD.
If this sounds that may work for you please look into the likes of Periscope and there are many others.

Take a look at “Periscope - Live Video”

Oh yeah and free.