Faulty counter of new videos


Android, latest beta version, device as shown

I clear the counts, but when open app later, shows older videos which viewed as unviewed



Thanks for reporting the issue! Our engineering team is looking into it right now. Will get back to you as soon as we find out anything. Please stay tuned!


That number is stuck at 99


@ahmadalanimail 99 is the Max the counter can Go. This means that you have 99 or more clips available.


yes, I have more than that, but the counter doesn’t reset after viewing the videos


@ahmadalanimail after you have watched them there is still 99 or more even that you haven’t watched ?


I don’t count them by hand. But I already reported that the counter seem to have a bug. So, if I have 10 videos, and I watch them all, the counter indicate no number. But once I restart the app, the counter say that I have “un-viewed” videos