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My husband has been hiding his lg stylo and using Alfreds motion detection to accuse me of being “unfaithful”. Most of the audio detected CANT be me because I wasnt even home. He currently has it on a built in desk with a cupboard 1 foit above the rear facing camera. He has played the recordings for me and there is audio but I can guarantee I have never had another person in my apartment during the times it has recorded male voices and people talking about drugs or sex. We have thin ceilings to the point we can hear the people above us talking (1 of who he claims Im cheating with). Is it possible being less than 6 feet from the ceiling that his motion detection comes on from light and records audio from another unit? My marriage is ruined because of this and I am seeking any way possible to prove to him that its really not me! It also mever picks up the things I am actually doing…like talking to and playing with my dogs, cooking, cleaning… Doesnt pick up when my husband and I are here. It doesnt add up and is very concerning. I dont know much about the app but I know this is bs.


Hi @edphotography77,

Thank you for reaching out to Alfred!

I am sorry to hear what you are going through. It is definitely possible for Alfred’s Motion Detection to be triggered by light and shadow changes. If you can hear people above talk, it is definitely possible for the Camera device to pick that up as well. However, it is impossible for the detection mechanism to be triggered by one Camera and recorded by another.

Is Smart Motion Detection enabled on your husband’s phone? If so, he might have disabled Motion Detection when he is home, and that is why Alfred doesn’t record anything when he is around.

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have more questions!

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Ok. He has phone 1 (the recording device at home) and phone 2 (his phone) on his person at all times… And he works almost an hour away. He is telling me phone 1 sends the recordings to phone 2. You are saying this is impossible? Hes telling me Im stupid and dont know how the technology works. Im def confused but not stupid. So the 2 devices are not even near eachother when he gets his recordings.

Hi @edphotography77,

Yes that is how Alfred works. The device at home (Camera Phone) captures recordings and sends notifications to the user’s phone (Viewer Phone).

If the Camera Phone doesn’t send recordings when your husband and you are both in the house, it is most probably because he enabled Motion Detection Reminder:

I hope this offers some kind of explanation.

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Girl…get an extra old cheap/free phone & set up& check it out yourself. but girl power…shhhh

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