Failure to Upgrade Alfred App DF-RPC-01



DF-RPC-01 solution

Oops! You can’t upgrade to Alfred+ and you are getting this DF-PRC-01 code. What can you do?

DF-RPC-01 is a Google problem. Fortunately, the solution is simple!

Please follow the steps:

1. Go to Settings → Application → Manage Apps
2. Find Google Play Store App
3. Force Stop the app
4. Clear the cache and data
5. Now open the Google Play Store app again
6. You should be able to download apps now.

Let us know if it helps!

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why not connect alway log in issue?


Hi @norieldelavega21,

Thank you for reaching out!

Does Alfred give you an error code? A little more information will really help us zero in on the problem!


I have redeemed my code but I can’t upgrade and that’s the only reason why I buy $25 Google play card


Hi @cjerry46,

Thank you for reaching out!

Do you have problems upgrading to Alfred Premium? Apparently you need to use the same account for redeeming and upgrading, but we really aren’t too sure. We are working on making PayPal a payment option tho. Maybe you could try that when it becomes available?


Hi I tried to upgrade by paypal but it pops up with an error : {“response”:{“name”:“SUBSCRIPTION_UNMAPPED_ERROR”,“message”:“Subscription start date should be greater than current date”,“information_link”:“",“debug_id”:“da1a70e213ae”,“httpStatusCode”:400},"httpStatusCode”:400}


Hi @sensualsyl,

Thank you so much for reaching out!

Could you clear your browser cache and try again?

Please let us know how it works out! Thanks in advance!


Hello , I tried everything , but after paypal I land back on alfreds website telling me something has gone wrong. …
I also found out that the prices different if I try to upgrade from the webviewer, and if I try to upgrade from the android app it cost much more. Why is this ???



Hi @sensualsyl,

Thank you so much for letting us know!

We are taking another look at the problem, but it seems like quite a rare and complicated one.

The price is the same whether you pay through Alfred’s WebViewer or the app tho. Could you send us some screenshots if that is not the case?

Thanks for your patience and understanding!


As you see there is a difference , hop you can help me out …


Hey @sensualsyl,

Thank you for sending over the screenshots!

Oops I got confused. Apparently the PayPal price is the same all over the world, and I can understand why you’d want to pay through WebViewer.

We are actually in the process of modifying our PayPal payment system. It should go live sometime this week. Would you please try again in a few days and let me know if it works?

Thanks in advance!


Hi @sensualsyl,

Just to let you know the modified system is already in place. Please try again when you get the chance and let me know if it works!


I did use the same account it’s the same as the play store but it couldn’t take the money off…I don’t usually do this I buy the play store card for this perpose it didn’t take it so u guess that’s my lost crazy because I don’t own credit card an what If i only wanted one mouth then credit card next month… Thanks anyway


Hi @cjerry46,

I have just been informed that the Play Store card wouldn’t work with our subscription.
Sorry for the inconvenience!


Okay no problem but I was hoping to get a call as promised but that cool I wish it would be clearer that’s all I wanted $25 play store card down the drain