Fails to record


It would be really helpful if you’d provide the following information so our engineer colleagues can identify and solve your problem sooner.

Which device has the problem? Viewer or Camera
Device Model Name: HTC evo
OS Version: 4.1.1
Doesn’t record everytime there is motion

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Hi @dalyladuck,

There are two things we need you to check:

  1. Were you watching live feed on your Viewer Phone when the movement took place? Alfred’s Motion Detection doesn’t work when there is a live session going on. If you end the live-viewing session and try again, Motion Detection should work.

  2. If you were not watching live feed, please check your Event Book to see if you can find the recording:

If you can find the recording but didn’t receive a notification, please make sure notifications are properly set up:

Let me know if this helps!


No I’m not watching live feed,for example this evening I was back and forth from my driveway where camera is pointed at not one-off those times did it record. It’s been 6 hours since last recorded event, and there has-been plenty of things it should have picked up. Also it seems to start recording too late or not long enough