Failed to access 3004 ) and the error ( 7005 )

I am using the Alfred software to about 1 month , 3 cameras and 1 spectator during this month everything was perfect, I do not know if it was coincidence but after that there was the software update , I am not managing to make one of the cell ( camera) function , accuses the following error ( Failed to access 3004 ) and the error ( 7005 ) .

I’ve done the following tests:

  • Reseted the mobile manufactures

  • I installed the updated software alfred

  • I checked the User and Password login ( alias is the same phone -gmail- User )

  • The mobile browsing typically the Internet

  • Already tried using other User gmail

  • The other two devices are on the same network

The problem is that failing authentication, but the User and password are correct two errors appears the ( 7005 ) and ( 3004 ) .

I need some help to be able to solve this problem .

The device that this problem is a motorola xt 605

Thank you very much in advance

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Hey @adnerst,

Thank you for reaching out!

It sounds like a problem caused by Android 6.0. Please check this out and enable all the permissions again: