Event book is empty. web and phone view

hi. i have search the forum and still cannot find an answer to this simple problem. i have 2 phones as camera and the other is not recording motion thus my Book Event is empty. I can see the “Rec” when there is motion but cannot find it in Event book be it on WebView or App Viewer. I also clear the cache, clear the data, reinstall, signout/ sign in. rename the camera. by still no luck

please help.

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When you open the app and see the viewer, there is a small rectangle shape box right at bottom right hand corner of that with the play icon on it. Just click that box and it should open up all the capture events that have been recorded from motion detection events. Took me a bit to locate that myself. The videos you choose to record on your own by manually hitting record will show up in the other location that you have looked in and said is empty. Hope that helps. If you are having any problem location the options for most settings, to get to those is easy. Just once the viewer is clicked and opened tap the … section at the top.

Sorry I may have misunderstood your issue. Do u mean when u look in “moments” there is no footage? Cause that is the folder that stores video you manually record yourself. You said event viewer so I assumed you were referring to moments since the little rectangle with play icon that stores my motion sensing videos isn’t labeled as anything. I’ve been using too many apps for WiFi cam cause the “…” I referred to in previous reply isn’t even an option on this app my mistake. I meant the * type icon for settings when you open app up that has the settings for motion etc. I am using an android as the camera and an iPhone as my viewer. So the apps do differ just a little from each other across operating systems. Let me know if any of this helped and if not can u elaborate with more detail on your prob and I will see if I can help since it seems nobody is really posting on this forum. I do like this app in fact more than my 3 diff WiFi cams so much that I unhooked those expensive WiFi cams and just mounted the phone to use Alfred instead. Considering upgrading to premium. Curious if it helps a lot on clarity of the footage. Plus having longer vid clips and being able to store them in Alfred cloud more than 7 days would be a lot better too. Best of luck. Sorry for confusion with my initial reply