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Hi @susetlahabana,

Thank you for joining us at Alfred Center!

We took a look at the situation and found out that your Camera device has crashed. You will have to restart the device to reestablish connection.

Also, please update Google Play Services on your Camera and then log in to Alfred. Google Play Services offers the mechanism that tries to wake the Camera back up, which will hopefully reduce the chance of you seeing 7007.

Please let me know if it helps!


Ya apague y encendí el dispositivo… Solo se conecta si estoy usando mismo WiFi… Lo dejo conectado y cuando salgo de casa no me funciona… Porque?


Hi @susetlahabana,

Can you try to connect your Viewer to a different Internet (for example office WiFi)? If you are sure the Camera is up and running but you cannot connect when you are using mobile Internet, I will assume something isn’t quite right with your mobile Internet.


Puedo recuperar un video q no guarde? Lo grave en vivo pero no habia buena internet y no lo puedo ver


Hi @soledadgomezpintps,

Thank you for reaching out!

If the Internet failed, the video was probably not uploaded to the server properly. In that case, it is impossible to get it back because it was never uploaded to begin with.

I am sorry for the inconvenience. Please make sure the connection is working next time!


Como conecto las camaras

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Hi @oscarhernandezgamil,

Thank you for joining us at Alfred Center!

Alfred requires TWO devices to work, one set as “Viewer” and the other as “Camera.” You have to log in with the SAME Gmail account to pair the devices.

For the moment, you only have one device set as Viewer. Please download Alfred on a second device, log in with the same Gmail, and set it as “Camera.”

You can watch a short tutorial here:

Hope it helps! Please let me know if you have more questions.


Hay alguna forma para controlar la carga del dispositivo, tengo un galaxy s3 mini, la bateria se inflo de tanto estar conectado, Otro galaxy s3. Me puso un mensaje avisandome que se habia detenido la carga por que estaba muy caliente. Me preocupa que se sobrecaliente los dispositvos y puedan causar algun incendio.


Hi @mromerov84,

Thank you for reaching out!

Can you unplug your Camera when you don’t need it or switch Motion Detection off with Alfred’s Remote Switch?

Also, do you use charging accessories from the manufacturer? Charging accessories from unknown suppliers could cause this issue more easily.

Hope this helps!


Puedo ver mis camaras en varios dispositivos reproductores.???


Hi @marconmarh,

Thank you for reaching out!

You can connect as many Cameras and Viewers as you want. Just download Alfred, log in with the SAME Gmail, and set them as Camera/Viewer depending on your needs.

However, for the moment you can’t monitor the same Camera from different Viewer devices at the same time yet. If you have more than one Viewer, you will have to dismiss Alfred on one device before starting a live-viewing session on another.

Hope this helps!


Para llevar a cabo acercamientos dentro de la función de imagen


Hola. Al visualizar la imagen de la camara trasera presione el icono que cambia entre la cámara frontal y trasera, la imagen cambio a la camara frontal pero luego no pude volver a la camara trasera. Luego me decia que habia perdido conexion para la camara trasera pero aun me deja mirar la otra camara. A que se debe esto?


Hi @rgnr.1ero,

Thank you for reaching out to Alfred!

We need you to try one thing for us: during a live-viewing session, try to switch the flashlight on/off and see if it works.

Let us know so we can continue to look into the problem and help you figure it out!


Como puedo guardar mis vídeos que no se borrén


Hi @noe.jimenez80,

Thank you so much for reaching out!

You can save or even download your Events by following the instructions here:

Hope this helps!


Buenas tardes
Estimados señores
Una consulta. Muchas veces me sale que mis cámaras no están conectadas , sólo uso dos tengo que ir a ingresar manualmente de nuevo a la aplicación para establecer la conexión mi pregunta es si hay una manera de hacerlo desde mi teléfono visor ya que no siempre puedo ir hasta donde está mi cámara.


Hi @quiquecito26,

Thank you for reaching out!

From what I can see, your Cameras have charging and connection problems. Please run a Camera Health Check and see if anything can be improved:

Let me know if your Cameras work better once they get a steady power supply as well as connection!


Como usa o negócio do da câmera para baixar para testar quem tá entrando no ladrões na casa


Hi @marcoscaiolindinhoca,

Thank you for reaching out to Alfred!

Alfred requires TWO devices, one set as Camera and the other Viewer. You have to log in on both devices with the SAME Gmail account. For the moment, you only have a Viewer. That’s why you can’t see anything.

Please watch a short tutorial and let us know if you have more questions: