Errors galore

I have 4 x Camera and 1 x Viewer. 3 of the Cameras are working perfectly. However the 4th Camera (an Iphone) is working perfectly on the Camera but not on the viewer.
It says it is online and shows the image with no problem

However, on the camera I am getting 2 problems. It either shows “This Camera is offline” (7007) it clearly is not and they are logged in to the same gmail account and the same wifi network. If i then delete the camera and then log in again on the Camera i get "Cannot connect to the camera due to failed authorization (1010) even though the Camera is working perfectly the viewer cannot “see it”

I have uninstalled the app and reinstalled it and logged in and out on both the Viewer and the camera to no avail. I have also “deleted” the camera from the Viewer and then logged out of the Camera and back in again

its driving me mad


Plan i sPlus
App Version is 2.5.3
phone is Iphone 7
Softare version 13.3.1
Model MN1912B/A

Camera is App Version 3.0.1
Phone is iphone 5s
Model ME432B/A
Software verson 12.4.5

To recap:

  1. Both phones been turned on/off several times
  2. Both phones deleted Alfred and re-installed
  3. Both phones on same Gmail Account
  4. Both phones on same WiFi
  5. All other cameras working
  6. View Phone (Iphone 7) shows error 1010 for Camera (Iphone5s)
  7. Camera Phone (Iphone5s) loads and shows image perfectly and shows either REC or ONLINE

The problem seems to lie with the View either showing error 7007 or error 1010 -

I have just -uninstalled it again from my VIEWER and cant believe it, but its working again

Heaen only knows whats going on but its fixed… for now