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7001 means there is a problem with the Internet on your Viewer end:

Could you check to see if you get this message in any specific location/time?


Error Code: 1016

Still closing previous connection. Please wait 20 seconds and try again. (1016)

You get 1016 when you have multiple Viewer devices (for example, if you are in someone’s Trust Circle or you added someone to your Trust Circle, if you have two Viewer Phones, or if you use Alfred’s WebViewer) and Alfred is still closing the previous connection. For the moment, Alfred does not support concurrent viewing. That is why you see that.


If got 3 viewers in diferent towns…3 people monitor the camera and no 1 can get into the camera…and we use diferent mobile networks…1 is vodacom other cell c and im telkom.my signal is fulbars and H+ but cant log in


I have done all that,Alfred is the only application that appears to be running,yet I still receive error code 4001…what gives?


Hey @ttbut136,

Can you switch one of the Viewers to Camera and see if the other two still experience the same problem? Thanks!


Hey @ergot138,

Can you try to reboot your device and see if the problem remains? Thanks!


I have the same problem (code 1016)- but there is no other viewer and i have nowone connectet i still have the message until a view hours

How to watch live feed from multiple Cameras at the same time

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We had a small problem with one of our external service providers yesterday. Could you try again and see if the problem persists? Thank you!


What if I have more than enough space and still getting 1008 error???


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I just replied to you in another thread. Please check it out and keep me posted!


I am getting the 1016 code and I only have one monitor what’s the rub?


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How about WebViewer? Or maybe you have someone in your Trust Circle? Also, what happens if you do wait 20 seconds? Are you able to connect?


Salve… Complimenti per l’applicazione😉.
Risolvere al più presto errore (1016)…
Magari nel prossimo aggiornamento.
È importante viewer simultanei su qualsiasi camera.


Hi @home.securiti190,

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For the moment, concurrent viewing isn’t possible yet, but it is something we are looking into! To protect your information security, your Camera device streams directly to your Viewer device without passing through any server. This is the only way to make Alfred safe, but it also makes concurrent viewing very difficult!

Please read a bit more about this here and rest assured it will be developed in the near future:


Dit heb ik meerdere malen gedaan zonder resultaat
Hoe kan ik hem updaten dan


Hi @pietslomp55,

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Please go to Google Play Store on your device. If you are not running the latest version, Google Play Store should tell you there is a new update.

If you have any more questions, it would be helpful if you could show us a screenshot to let us know what you see instead.


Give me solution because my old android os 2.3 version gingerbread, if i update apk cannot install (wrong parse)